Stop What You’re Doing and Check out This Waterspout

In only the second coolest thing I have seen all week (the first was the Phoenix microburst), twin waterspouts formed off of the coast of Hilton Head, South Carolina this morning. Waterspouts this morning at Hilton Head SC… photo from Nicole Smith — James Spann (@spann) July 21, 2016 These formed underneath of a […]

Did Weather Cause the AirAsia Plane Crash?

Early Sunday morning, AirAsia Flight 8501 disappeared. This aircraft took off from Surabaya, Indonesia with 162 passengers and two pilots. So where in the world did this plane go, and what might have caused the crash? In an article from Discover Magazine, potential weather impacts are discussed. Thunderstorms with clouds heights over 44,000 ft were […]

AER Winter Forecast

The Capital Weather Gang interviewed Judah Cohen from the Atmospheric and Environmental Research (AER) firm about the upcoming winter. “Cohen, who directs seasonal forecasting efforts at the firm Atmospheric and Environmental Research (AER), a unit of Verisk Climate, discovered the linkage between the behavior of Eurasian fall snow cover and eastern U.S. winters nearly 15 years […]

Record Antarctic Sea Ice

Antarctic sea ice set an all time record daily high according to NOAA’s Climate center. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean global warming is a joke either. According to an article from NOAA: “When Arctic sea ice extent dips to its yearly low, Antarctic sea ice extent climbs to its yearly high.” In the same article, Ted […]

Water Spouts Off Gulf Coast

There were some water spouts spotted just off the coast from Gulf Shores this morning. Quite the excitement for those vacationers! Take a look at some of these tweets from folks this morning. Elevated waterspouts “@Chuck_Tonini: @spann Way off in the distance SW of Gulf Shores. Am I seeing things?” — James Spann (@spann) […]

Tropical Storm Cristobal On The Way?

An area of low pressure north of Puerto Rico and Hispanola is getting very close to tropical storm criteria. Could this small area of low pressure become Cristobal, the next name for a tropical storm in the Atlantic? According to the National Hurricane Center, the area of low pressure has a 70% chance of developing […]

Severe Storms Damage Virginia Coast

A round of severe weather caused extensive damage across portions of Virginia’s coast today.  Flooding, hail and strong winds produced quite a bit of havoc. WOW! Check out this image showing major damage at 16th Street near the Oceanfront. LIVE coverage on @WAVY_News — WAVY_News (@WAVY_News) July 10, 2014 Tree down on Main St. […]

Tropical Storm Amanda

Tropical Storm Amanda has formed in the eastern Pacific Ocean. As of 10 AM this morning, Tropical Storm Amanda was located about 620 miles south-southwest of Manzanillo, Mexico. Amanda had maximum sustained winds of 40 mph and was moving west-northwest around 5 mph. Below is the current location and track of Amanda over the next […]

El Nino and La Nina

We’ve all heard about El Nino and La Nina summers, but what do they actually mean? Well, it has all to do with the temperature of the Pacific Ocean, around the equator. In a year that is determined to be El Nino, the sea surface temperature in the equatorial Pacific will be above normal. During […]