Winter Weather Terms

Do you know your winter weather terms? Here is a list of winter weather definitions from NOAA to help you be best prepared for the upcoming winter. Winter Storm Warning: Issued when hazardous winter weather in the form of heavy snow, heavy freezing rain, or heavy sleet is imminent or occurring. Winter Storm Warnings are usually […]

mPING Weather App

Here is an easy way to become a contributor to the weather community by using your smartphone! The NOAA National Severe Storms Laboratory is collecting public weather reports through a free app called “mPING” available for smart phones or mobile devices.   The app is called “mPING,” for Meteorological Phenomena Identification Near the Ground. mPING reports […]

Halloween Bowling Green Weather Forecast

Real Time Bowling Green Weather Radar:   Today 10/29 – Partly Cloudy – High 62° / Tonight – Mostly Clear – Low 39° High pressure will work into the region from the west throughout the day. This should make the rain and clouds depart as we work into the afternoon hours. By afternoon conditions should […]

NOAA Satellites Predict Peak Fall Foliage this Week

Scientists at NOAA’s Center for Satellite Applications & Research (STAR) have found a new way to monitor fall foliage using visible satellite imagery. The new vegetation index is released every three days and this product can even be used to forecast future fall foliage. In the latest foliage forecast, NOAA believes areas of southern Kentucky will see […]

New Winter Forecasts Issued

NOAA and AccuWeather have issued their winter weather forecasts. It is always interesting to see what the big weather names are thinking winter will bring this far out. Here is what they had to say: NOAA’s Winter Forecast: NOAA is showing equal chances of above or below precipitation and temperatures across south central Kentucky. However, […]

Paducah NWS Open House

The National Weather Service Office in Paducah, KY is opening its doors to the public this Saturday. This will be an open house event for anyone in the region willing to travel to Paducah, KY. For weather enthusiasts and aspiring meteorologists alike, this provides a unique experience to see what a National Weather Service office […]

NOAA sends Coyote aircrafts inside Hurricane Edouard

The NOAA Hurricane Hunters released unmanned Coyote aircrafts inside Hurricane Edouard Monday.  The aircrafts were sent in to fly near the ocean surface to collect data.  The following is an excerpt from an article released by NOAA Monday morning: “NOAA hurricane hunters entered a new chapter in the use of unmanned aircraft systems today when scientists […]

Ozone Recovering??

The Ozone layer may be recovering after all says a report from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA): “The abundances of most ozone-depleting substances in the atmosphere have dropped since the last assessment, in 2010, and Earth’s protective ozone layer may be showing some signs of recovery, according to the “Assessment for Decision-Makers,” part […]

Earth’s Hottest & Coldest Times

Recently, NOAA Climate researchers released an article regarding some of the Earth’s hottest times in history. This is an interesting read that uses historical geologic evidence in addition to fossils and other scientific clues that can help determine past climates. The article stretches from Earth’s earliest days; when temperatures could reach hundreds of degrees Fahrenheit, to […]

NOAA Satellites Capture Algae Bloom

NOAA satellites are usually used to give us a view of the atmosphere, however visible satellite imagery has great resolution and often detects othrt interesting phenomena as well. Lately, satellites have become helpful in monitoring algae blooms in the Great Lakes. Using satellite data in conjunction with weather observations, NOAA researchers have found a way to forecast […]