99.9% Assurance 2015 Will Be Warmest Year on Record

With the release of the October 2015 monthly climate report from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 2015 is set to be the warmest year on record. In October alone, the average temperature over land and water combined was the highest for October in the 136-year period of record, at 0.98°C (1.76°F) above the 20th century […]

Carbon Dioxide Levels Hit Significant Benchmark

This past March, carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere hit the significant benchmark number of 400 parts per million. The Arctic reached 400 ppm in 2012, but now that number represents the global average CO2 concentration, according to the latest results from NOAA. Michael Oppenheimer, a professor at Princeton University, explains that 400 ppm is […]

DSCOVR Mission to Launch This Evening

NOAA’s Deep Space Climate Observatory mission is scheduled to launch this evening from Cape Canaveral, weather permitting. The DSCOVR satellite will orbit the sun in order to monitor solar wind that could affect our planet. Solar wind is highly variable, as it can lead to beautiful auroras, but can also impact electrical power grids. DSCOVR […]

Snow Continues to Pile Up in the Northeast

  The snow continues to pile up across the Northeast. A 20 to 40 inch blanket of snow currently smothers a path from New York to Maine, which has resulted over the last several weeks due to one large storm after another. So… why has winter all of a sudden decided to show up in […]

NOAA to Launch DSCOVR Satellite Soon

NOAA has plans to launch the DSCOVR (Deep Space Climate Observatory) satellite no earlier than February 8, 2015. This satellite will be responsible for collecting space weather data and relaying this information to Earth. The launch is set to be performed by the U.S. Air Force and SpaceX. DSCOVR will prove vital in monitoring the solar […]

Winter Weather Driving Tips

Even though southern Kentucky is currently experiencing a lull in colder temperatures and frozen precipitation, tomorrow only marks the halfway point through meteorological winter. With this in mind, it is always important to brush up on winter weather driving tips so that you can be prepared to drive safely through whatever winter throws your way. NOAA recently […]

NOAA To Invest In Weather Models

In somewhat of a surprising and good move, NOAA showed this morning that they are willing to step up to the plate and at least try to match their European counterparts in terms of computer modeling!   Timed with Dr Sullivan’s #AMS2015 keynote, @NOAA announces investment in 10-fold increase in computing power by October. $44.5M. — […]

NOAA Weather Games

If you’re like me, you find this weather pretty darn boring. Sure, the weather’s not too bad, but it’s also not ideal with temperatures in the thirties and twenties across the entire state. So, what can we do to pass the time? Well, I stumbled upon some pretty neat weather related games from NOAA. the […]

When is the Coldest Day of the Year?

It may surprise you when the coldest day of the year occurs. The western half of the U.S. generally sees their coldest day of the year during the beginning of the winter, while the eastern U.S. typically sees their coldest day toward the end of winter. To check out more U.S. Climate normal’s, visit the interactive […]