LeBron James’ Weather News of the Weekend

Sunday night, one of the biggest sports stories of the year wrote itself. After over 50 years without a sports championship, LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers won an NBA Championship, the first in the franchise’s history. Not only did they make history in that sense, but the Cavs were the first team in NBA […]

Cloud’s Weather News of the Day

Did you all notice what was outside? Did you see them? They were towers of condensation, and some becoming thunderstorms, and dropping rain. That is right. They were clouds. I know, those are odd, odd things considering we saw maybe three of them in total last week. Today, they rose up with weak or strong updrafts […]

Montana is the Weather Capital of the US Right Now

While the majority of the US is in no-man’s-land in terms of weather, Montana has been producing some incredible storms. When I say incredible, I mean incredible. Because the ridge has been so prevalent across the central and eastern portions of the US, Montana has been excellently placed within southwesterly mid and upper level flow. This […]

Montana’s Weather News of the Day

Well, Montana is a great state. First of all, I am an avid fly fisherman. Montana is essentially a fly fisherman’s paradise, making it extra awesome. However, the Big Sky Country is almost always awesome for its meteorology. The past couple of days, it has produced. While much of the country has been quiet, the […]

Snowfall in the Western US

While those of us here in the eastern part of the United States have been seeing warmer than normal temperatures, those in the western parts have been experiencing just the opposite! Areas in the higher latitudes of central California, western Montana, and even Arizona have snow on the ground for the first part of November. […]