Temperatures on the Upswing This Week

Welcome to Monday, everyone! I hope you had a relaxing weekend. Temperatures throughout the month of October have been on the cool side so far, but temperatures are on the upswing this week as we start to record more average temperatures. Cooler Temps Again Today Before we get back to warmer conditions, we’ll have to […]

One Year From Today: Full Solar Eclipse

In one year, we will be seeing one of the more rare phenomena in the natural world: a total solar eclipse across the United States. And guess what? The maximum eclipse time will be just to our west in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. Types of Solar Eclipses All Solar Eclipses involved the Sun being partially blocked by […]

Partial Solar Eclipse Thursday

A partial solar eclipse will be taking place Thursday, October 23rd. The partial eclipse will be at a maximum during sunset over our area and will be nearly half a total eclipse. Here is a map of the eclipse times and locations.   Partial solar eclipse this Thursday visible from most of North America! More […]

Perseid Meteor Shower

The best viewing for the ongoing Perseid meteor shower will be tonight, and the weather is in full cooperation with catching a good view. One of the last visible satellite images before we lose daylight today shows just a few clouds around southern Kentucky, and these mostly clear skies will continue overnight. The Perseid meteor shower is typically […]

Honey Moon This Friday

This Friday (June 13th) we’ll get to experience the “Honey Moon.”  The reasoning behind the “Honey Moon” nickname was given in the 1550s due to so many weddings that took place in June around this lunar event.   The moon was also given this nickname due to its honey-like coloration.  The forecast currently calls to partly […]