Humidity Makes Its Return

Good morning, friends and welcome to the best day of the week, Saturday! Recently we’ve been enjoying comfortable temperatures, but today the mercury will rise and the nasty humidity makes its return. We’ve got you covered below for today’s and your Father’s Day forecast. Sunny Saturday Today will be filled with lots of sunshine and […]

Wednesday Evening Update

Well, how about that ride in!? We’ve experienced, basically, non-stop rainfall from sunrise this morning until around 5pm this afternoon.  The main area of heaviest rainfall has shifted north of the region, with drier conditions taking over. Heaviest rain pulling N of region; scattered shower/storm chances will continue thru the night. — wxornotBG® (@wxornotBG) […]

Active Week of Storm Chances Ahead

I’m happy to report the low stratus cloud deck that plagued the region throughout much of our Saturday has skirted off to the east, allowing rays of sunshine to take over.  Southerly winds will take over as an area of high pressure dips to our east, allowing for a nice warm up, with highs reaching […]

Apps Instead of Meteorologists? Marlins Learn Lesson

On opening day for the Miami Marlins, a downpour drenched the stadium, causing a rain delay. This wouldn’t seem like such an ordeal if the stadium didn’t have a retractable roof… Reason the roof wasn’t closed in time? Misinterpretation of radar by Marlin officials. No meteorologists have been hired to assist the team, as many […]

Understanding Why Forecasts Bust

In light of the major snowfall bust for the New York City area on Monday this week, many are looking at forecasters and wondering how such a thing can happen. Technology has advanced to the point where we can have semi-accurate forecasts up to 7 days in advance, but some of the bigger systems are […]

Meteorologists are the Secret Weapon for Holiday Shipping

As the holidays grow near, corporate meteorologists are working behind the scenes to keep the shipping of packages on time. Around this time every year, customers grow impatient when their order doesn’t make it to their house in the 3-5 business days the company promised; they couldn’t care less that bad weather was affecting the […]

Gawker’s Weather Survey

The great minds at The Vane recently offered a weather survey to its readers. The survey asked a few questions regarding the way the public responded in certain weather scenarios, as well as how they got weather information on a day-to-day basis. The results are pretty surprising, and of interest to us here at Wx […]

Bill Belichick Hates Weather Forecasts; Weather Channel Gets Last Laugh

Bill Belichick hates weather forecasts and he’ll tell you so.  This past weekend before the New England Patriots took on the Denver Broncos in Foxboro Stadium, Patriots head coach Bill Belichick went on an epic rant about how weather forecasts produced by meteorologists were always wrong.  See for yourself in the video from WCVB 5 […]

NWA Hosts Annual Meeting in Utah

The National Weather Association (NWA) is hosting its annual conference this week in Salt Lake City. Meteorologists from the academic, broadcast, government, and private sectors will be there presenting research. Many meteorologists attending the conference will be live tweeting the each day’s events and be sure to search #NWAS14 on Twitter to check out some […]

Watch Out for Bogus Winter Forecast

It seems that every year around this time the Internet is flooded with long-range winter forecasts. These forecasts attempt to predict temperatures, precipitation amounts, and even precipitation types. Long-range forecasting involves trying to predict the overall jet stream pattern and meteorologists use teleconnections (El Nino, La Nina, NAO, etc.) to try and predict this pattern. […]