Memorial Day Weekend Starts and Ends Nice, Stormy in Between

wxornotBG 5/26/17: Sunny & beautiful today; severe storms possible through Memorial Day weekend. Posted by Landon Hampton on Friday, 26 May 2017 Forecast Discussion It’s a holiday weekend but, as we know, Mother Nature doesn’t take holidays. The weekend will start and end quite nicely but it’s the in between where things get complicated. Let’s […]

Kevin Durant’s Weather News of the Day

I don’t care that this isn’t weather related, I am excited. You may hate this move or love it, but KD going to the Warriors on Monday is one of the most significant moves in NBA history. The Golden State Warriors now have one of the best rosters assembled in NBA history, and I am […]

WxRecap: Severe Thunderstorms Struck the Region

As was predicted this morning, and has been for the past few days, severe weather struck the region this afternoon and evening. It was a difficult forecast, but it panned out as I expected. It wasn’t world ending, but it did give us some issues, and caused some damage across the region. The atmosphere was […]

Severe Weather Expected for Bowling Green Weather

Real Time Bowling Green Weather Radar: Today 7/13 – Scattered Severe Storms Likely; Hot – High 93° / Tonight – Severe Storms Likely – Low 75° According to a morning analysis across the midwest, a very warm, and moist environment is in place across Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, and places further north. This means that the […]

Major Convective Storms Today

Today was a setup that has been a long time coming for 2014. The return of the jet stream has definitely played a huge role in organizing atmospheric dynamics to support explosive convection across the Midwest throughout the day today. Major hail, severe winds and tornadoes have been ongoing and still threaten to be an issue […]


Every now and then a particular synoptic setup occurs in which a large complex of thunderstorms tracks hundreds of miles and causes widespread wind damage.  When these bow echoes remain fairly organized and severe over a certain distance and length of time, they are often referred to as Derechos; a Spanish word which means “direct” or “straight […]