Southeastern Winter Storm Summary

As we all know, a snow event impacted the region on Thursday afternoon and into the evening hours, causing major traffic issues across the region. This was associated with the system before the main event to our south. A shortwave trough had been forecast for several days to propagate southeastward out of the northwestern US […]

Five Years Ago Today: Massachusetts Tornadoes

On this day five years ago, a severe weather event occurred in Massachusetts, and produced four tornadoes across a small area. These tornadoes occurred within a small proximity to Springfield, MA, with the strongest tornado taking a direct path across Springfield. Northeastern US severe weather events always fascinate me, but especially tornado events across that […]

“Blockbuster” Blizzard Set To Hit Major Cities

Well, the rainfall we received last night was associated with a system that is getting ready to absolutely blast the Northeast with snowfall and winds. This system is being referred to as “historic” and life threatening, and will impact cities such as Boston, NYC and Philadelphia with snowfall totals over a foot. NYC and Boston […]

Tornado-Warned Storm Impacts Boston

Severe storms have been impacting the Northeast this afternoon and over the last hour a rare event occurred when a tornado warning was issued for Boston. This tornado warning is no longer in effect for Boston, but check out what the radar looked like at 5:51 EST as a supercell tracked over the northern part […]