Sewage Plant “Lake Effect” Snow

Lake effect snow forms downwind of a lake or other body of water in response to cold air blowing over warm water. Interestingly enough, this past Monday, “lake effect” snow occurred downwind of a waste water treatment plant. The National Weather Service in State College, Pennsylvania reported “several tenths of snow fell over a roughly […]

Flooding Now a Concern in Buffalo

Now that the lake-effect snow event is over for places like Buffalo, flooding is the next concern for areas that were pounded with heavy snow. Temperatures are expected to rise above freezing in Buffalo and remain that way until Tuesday while rain moves in this weekend. The combination of melting snow pack and rainfall will […]

Record Snowfall Impacts the Buffalo Bills

All eyes have been on Buffalo, NY this week as portions of the city have received record breaking amounts of lake-effect snow. One organization being crippled by the snowfall is the Buffalo Bills. The Bills are scheduled to have a home game against the New York Jets this Sunday at 1pm EST. Unfortunately, four to five feet of […]

Update on Buffalo Snow

All eyes have been on Buffalo, NY as heavy lake-effect snow pounds the snowbelt. Up to 65 inches of snow (that’s over five feet!) have fallen in Buffalo suburbs so far, and more is unfortunately on the way. Andrew Cuomo, the Governor of New York, has issued a state of emergency for 10 of the snowbelt […]

Below Freezing Temperatures Across the United States

Those of us here in Bowling Green were not the only ones to wake up to below freezing temperatures; areas in every state fell below freezing at some point this morning. Yes, Florida and even Hawaii were included in this freeze. Mauna Kea on the big island of Hawaii hit 31° and freeze warnings were in […]

Over 50 Inches of Snow Hits Wisconsin Community

If you’re a snow lover down here in Bowling Green, I may suggest a change of residence – Gile, Wisconsin. Gile, which is considered more like a neighborhood than a town in the city of Montreal, picked up 50.1 inches of snow from the morning of November 10 through the morning of November 14. That’s […]

Waves Flood Chicago’s Lakeside Drive

A stout upper-level trough is pushing across portions of the Great Lakes today and extremely cold air and high winds are moving in behind this trough. The weather is a bit of a mess in the Chicago area today with lake-effect snow showers, high winds, and large waves expected this afternoon. Lake effect snow showers are […]