Bowling Green’s 1000 Year Flood Numbers

Over the weekend, many of you saw the flooding and resulting devastation across South Carolina from the incredible amount of rainfall they had. A trough of low pressure dug deep into the southeastern US, and caught a stream of higher moisture values off of Hurricane Joaquin. This trained over the same areas for hours, and […]

South Carolina Is Under Water

While many have focused on Hurricane Joaquin recently, a story that has only gotten press the past couple of days has been the South Carolina flooding. What happened was that a piece of upper level energy dove down into the eastern US, and began cutting off from the main flow. The upper level low caught a stream of […]

Hurricane Joaquin Strengthens

Hurricane Joaquin continues to strengthen as it turns into a Category 4 hurricane. Check out the video below from The Capital Weather Gang as they explain this violent storm and its impacts on the east coast.     Joaquin looks to be tracking eastward, but the National Hurricane Center (NHC) believes that landfall is still […]

Tropical Storm Joaquin (wah- Keen) Is Challenging Forecasters

Mid-day on Monday, Tropical Storm Joaquin formed over the western portions of the Atlantic Ocean. When it initially formed, it was fairly weak out in the open waters, and was experiencing some higher wind shear. Thus, it’s center was exposed form the convection, which isn’t good for tropical cyclones. However, today, it has gradually organized […]