Nepal Earthquake Shrinks Mount Everest

The 7.8 magnitude earthquake that impacted Nepal on April 25th has reshaped the land in the southeast Asian region. The city of Kathmandu, India has actually risen several feet in places while Mt. Everest is an inch shorter than before the quake. In an article by Weather Underground, they discussed how radar was used to […]

Storms Tear through Southern Plains

After a slow start to the severe weather season, the southern Great Plains got hit hard yesterday. Multiple tornadoes were reported from Oklahoma through Arkansas with Oklahoma City and Tulsa right in the middle of several of those tornado warned storms. Tornado ratings are not out yet but preliminary reports show tornadoes were likely responsible […]

EF-1 Tornado Confirmed in Paris, Kentucky

Here is the preliminary storm survey from the National Weather Service for Paris, KY:     Damage Type: Tornado     Date: Oct 07 2014     EF Scale: 1    Wind Speed: 100 mph     Path Length: 0.16 miles so far…survey not yet completed     Path Width: 50-60 yards     Injuries: 1    Start Time: 04:12 PM […]