EPIC Daily Images of Earth

NASA has announced that it will be releasing pictures of Earth everyday. These are not your run-of-the-mill GOES images or anything like that either, these are pictures of the entire Globe in true color. The Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera (yes, EPIC) is attached to the Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR), a space-weather monitoring satellite. The satellite is […]

Hurricane Arthur Damage

With Hurricane Arthur making landfall along the North Carolina coast last night, the damage made visible by the sunrise came as no surprise.  Here’s are what the scenes are looking like: Damage seen at bridge on Hwy 12 in North Carolina after Hurricane Arthur – @NCDOT pic.twitter.com/4XZ8WHSKSj — BuzzFeed Storm (@BuzzFeedStorm) July 4, 2014 Damage […]

Hurricane Arthur Images

We all know by now about Hurricane Arthur, but here are some amazing satellite images and images orbiting from the ISS as it has recently developed an eye wall.     SEE: #Satellite image of #Hurricane #Arthur. For advisories, see http://t.co/vbanWuS2oW & http://t.co/OO9UdAjSo2 pic.twitter.com/d2q3Yj5aeD — NOAA (@NOAA) July 3, 2014 Hurricane #Arthur has grown an […]

Tornado Digest: June 15-21

If you’re a fan of our Weather Buzz section, you know last week had three big days of severe weather across the Plains, which included several tornadoes.  The following video displays the deadly EF4 tornado that hit Pilger, NE on June 16th, 2014 to refresh your memory: I ran across a great article produced by […]

Video: Tornado Hits Istanbul

A tornado impacted Istanbul, Turkey earlier today.  Check out these videos (a few too close for comfort)… When a tornado hits a populated area these days, it’s captured from many angles. The population of Istanbul is estimated at ~14.1 million people. Tornadoes are witnessed from time to time in southern Turkey, however, they are quite […]

EF4 Tornado Hits Pilger, NE

With yesterday morning’s sunrise came the dreaded scenes out of Pilger, NE.  After a large tornado ripped through this town Monday afternoon, images being exported out through social media has been a humbling reminder of how much power Mother Nature truly holds… The aerial photo from the AP shows the path of Monday’s tornado through […]

Twin Large Tornadoes In Nebraska

Twin large tornadoes occurred over eastern Nebraska this afternoon. This post will be updated throughout the evening with the latest information. TWO TORNADOES!!!! Near Wisner, Nebraska!! #newx pic.twitter.com/mdBbubm5Er — Matt Coker (@StormCoker) June 16, 2014 Horrible damage pics from Pilger, NE. Via Chris RIce from Facebook. #tornado #newx #Pilger pic.twitter.com/eCuNMyqxiA — Brandon Sullivan (@BTSullivan91) June […]

Central Kentucky Storm Damage

Close to sunrise this morning, a line of severe thunderstorms plowed southeast across central Kentucky, sliding just east of the Bowling Green area. Hodgenville, Radcliff and Campbellsville were among the places that received the brunt of the damage.  Here a few photos: Campbellsville received plenty of hail & fallen trees: Large trees down, along other […]