Planets Visible Tonight

Throughout the nighttime hours of early July, a number of planets are visible in the sky.  Shortly after sunset tonight, you should be able to view Jupiter, Mars & Saturn.  During the early morning hours before dawn, Venus is visible.  The following is a snippet taken from EarthSky’s piece July 2014 Guide To The Five […]

Iowa Hit By Extreme Flooding

Extreme flooding has impacted the state of Iowa the past few days, with some pretty incredible scenes unfolding as a result.  The area has been struck by a number of strong and severe weather over the past few days, and this continues today.  The following is a screenshot taken from the Iowa Flood Center.  Current […]

Tornadoes Hit South Dakota

Much like the past few days, today’s weather has been very active in and around the High Plains.  Several tornadoes have been reported in South Dakota this evening. Tornado video today of the first two of four tornadoes we have seen today in South Dakota. #sdwx #storm12 — Brandon Ivey (@BrandonIveyWX) June 19, 2014 […]

Twin Tornadoes Hit Russia

Check out this image of twin tornadoes. These occurred earlier today near the Nizhneustselemovo, Chelyabinsk Region of Russia.  No extensive damage has been reported up to this point, which may be credited to how rural the area is. Twin tornadoes in Russia today! @reedtimmerTVN @stormpics @SeanSchoferTVN — severe-weather.EU (@severeweatherEU) June 11, 2014

Storm Damage Across Eastern Kentucky

The line of showers and storms that occupied our area earlier this afternoon entered a more favorable environment as they pressed to our east.  Storms rapidly intensified as they cut a northeastward path across the Bluegrass. There have been several reports of wind damage resulting from the intense squall line feature that tracked through these […]

Severe Weather Outbreak Over Europe

A severe weather event unfolded across portions of Europe yesterday and today.  Areas hardest hit included locations in France, Belgium and the Netherlands.  Europe’s Severe Weather Europe ( relayed info of a high risk for inclement weather over portions of these countries earlier today: @WetterOnline upgrade to HIGH risk today! — severe-weather.EU (@severeweatherEU) […]

HP Supercell Impacts Butler & Warren County

South central Kentucky was impacted by an intense round of thunderstorms yesterday evening.  The weather feature that captured most of the spotlight was an HP supercell that impacted Butler & Warren County. This storm produced a number of downed trees, power outages, along with dime & nickel size hail.  A supercell thunderstorm is defined by […]

Anniversary Of The Moore, OK EF5 Tornado

Moore, OK was ransacked by a massive EF5 tornado one year ago today (May 20th, 2013).  The tornado caused damage to roughly ~1100 homes, while taking the lives of 24 people.  There were also 377 injuries reported from this event.   At this time one year ago, a large tornado plowed through Moore, OK. Video […]