Gorgeous Conditions to Finish out May

Gooooooood morning South-Central, Kentucky! Hopefully yesterday you were able to view the SpaceX launch and witness history! We are kicking off the final day of the month and ringing in June. Expect gorgeous conditions to to finish out May. Does anyone else feel like this month went by in about the blink of an eye? […]

This Day in History: The 1917 Ohio River Ice Jam

On December 16, 1917 an ice jam closed the Ohio River from Warsaw, KY to Rising Sun, IN. This area of the Ohio River is located between northern Kentucky and southeastern Indiana. According to David Ludlum, the ice jam reached 30 feet high and lasted 58 days. This backed up trading traffic on the Ohio […]

“Blockbuster” Blizzard Set To Hit Major Cities

Well, the rainfall we received last night was associated with a system that is getting ready to absolutely blast the Northeast with snowfall and winds. This system is being referred to as “historic” and life threatening, and will impact cities such as Boston, NYC and Philadelphia with snowfall totals over a foot. NYC and Boston […]

Cool Features From NWS Louisville

While there are many issues that need to be resolved within the National Weather Service’s (NWS) warning and forecast dissemination system. However, we often overlook many of the cool features that are featured within the NWS’ web pages. Because it is local, I will be highlighting some of the cooler features that the NWS Louisville offers […]

July Temperatures

We have seen an interesting July thus far with a few stretches of temperatures below normal. On average, temperatures are running 3.8°F below normal so far this month. Here are the numbers at the Bowling Green Airport for July so far, notice the past four days we have seen temperatures at least 10 degrees below normal. If […]

The Weather Forecast That Changed History

The weather forecast for one of the most memorable days in American history proved to be a difficult and vital one.  WWII.  D-Day.  Originally scheduled for June 5th, 1944, D-Day would be the time Allied forces would launch an offensive invasion on the beaches of France in hopes of loosening the grip that the Nazi […]