8th Anniversary of Historic Ice Storm

Hard to believe, especially with the weather we’ve had recently, but 8 years ago today, the area was being hit with the worst ice storm many have ever experienced. Then-Kentucky Governor Steven L. Besmear called it “the biggest natural disaster in modern Kentucky history.” People were left without power for days, some even for weeks. […]

Bowling Green Weather Takes Gold in Stormy Forecasts

Real-Time Bowling Green Weather Radar Yesterday’s Weather As predicted, humidity and moisture content in the atmosphere increased dramatically yesterday afternoon in response to southeasterly flow in the lower levels of the atmosphere. This set us up for widespread shower/thunderstorm activity across the region. I was a little (a lot) bit off on the high yesterday, […]

10 Year Anniversary of Monster Ohio Valley Snowstorm

December 22 – 23, 2004 marks one of the largest snowstorms along the Ohio River since recording began. The heaviest snowfall fell along and north of the Ohio River, with amounts totaling close to 30 inches in areas. Damages from this storm were estimated at 900 million dollars. Here is a look at the snowfall […]

Earth’s Hottest & Coldest Times

Recently, NOAA Climate researchers released an article regarding some of the Earth’s hottest times in history. This is an interesting read that uses historical geologic evidence in addition to fossils and other scientific clues that can help determine past climates. The article stretches from Earth’s earliest days; when temperatures could reach hundreds of degrees Fahrenheit, to […]

Thursday Afternoon Update

This Afternoon – Blustery – 23˚ & falling – Tonight – Decreasing Clouds – Low 15˚ 3pm 22˚ ~ 6pm 21˚ ~ 9pm 20˚ ~ 12am 20˚ ~ 3am 17˚ ~ 6am 15˚ After a round of blowing snow this morning, conditions have dried out to an extent, however, a few light, scattered snow showers […]