Quite the Difference in Weather This Week

Good Monday morning, WABBLES! As quickly as the snow came, it’s gone again! Sunny weather yesterday really quickened the melting process and helped improve some of those still-covered backroads. Compared to last week, we can expect quite the difference in weather this week. Clouds Linger from Overnight Showers Last night we ended up with about […]

Crazy Squall Line Passed Over The Gulf Coast Last Night

Last night, a textbook squall line (called a quasi-linear convective system, or QLCS) marched off the coast of Texas, and moved across the northern Gulf of Mexico. The northern portion of this came ashore in southern Louisiana, and developed into what was a classic look for a strong QLCS. The red X indicates the location of […]

Gulf Coast Severe Weather

Severe weather is possible across southeastern portions of the United States today, particularly around the Gulf Coast. It’s been a fairly quiet severe weather pattern for the last several days. The last “slight” risk of severe weather was issued on December 14, 2014. Thus, we’ve had nine days with little severe weather activity. However, it […]

Severe Weather Returns to the Deep South; Gulf Coast

Severe weather looks like it will make a return to the deep south and Gulf Coast regions over the United States this weekend. The Storm Prediction Center has placed portions of those areas is slight (think enhanced) risk of severe weather over the next couple of days. As of now, it looks like damaging winds […]

Water Spouts Off Gulf Coast

There were some water spouts spotted just off the coast from Gulf Shores this morning. Quite the excitement for those vacationers! Take a look at some of these tweets from folks this morning. Elevated waterspouts “@Chuck_Tonini: @spann Way off in the distance SW of Gulf Shores. Am I seeing things? pic.twitter.com/yjrJbJEobs” — James Spann (@spann) […]

Tropical Storm Dolly Heads for Mexico

Tropical Depression Five has been upgraded to Tropical Storm Dolly, and continues to head for the coast of Mexico. According to the National Hurricane Center, Dolly has exhibited sustained winds near 50 mph and is expected to produce 5 to 10 inches of rainfall. This rain could cause major flash flooding as well as mudslides […]