Carbon Dioxide Levels Hit Significant Benchmark

This past March, carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere hit the significant benchmark number of 400 parts per million. The Arctic reached 400 ppm in 2012, but now that number represents the global average CO2 concentration, according to the latest results from NOAA. Michael Oppenheimer, a professor at Princeton University, explains that 400 ppm is […]

Record Antarctic Sea Ice

Antarctic sea ice set an all time record daily high according to NOAA’s Climate center. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean global warming is a joke either. According to an article from NOAA: “When Arctic sea ice extent dips to its yearly low, Antarctic sea ice extent climbs to its yearly high.” In the same article, Ted […]

Yellowstone Super Volcano Eruption Affect on Weather

Most people have heard of the caldera “Super Volcano” sitting under Yellowstone National Park. While the threat of an eruption in the near future is unlikely, what would happen if it did erupt? In this excerpt from a Discovery News article, the U.S Geological Survey (USGS) scientists share their thoughts: “The scientists at the U.S. Geological […]