Understanding The Weather Models

On a daily basis, you (the reader) scroll through our forecast posts, and gain insight into what to expect today, and what weather to expect in the days to come. But how do we as forecasters get to this point? Well, we use a combination of observations, meteorological knowledge and model guidance. When I am […]

Pretty Nice Finals Week Weather

Today: Partly cloudy, with highs around 62ºF. Tonight: Clouds increasing, with lows falling to 43ºF. Well, it is finals week, and we all know what that means! Sleep deprived, stressed out students, walking around campus like zombies! Its essentially the climax of a stressful semester. However, the weather will be nice! We’ll be under the […]

Your Saturday Forecast In Sonnets

Real-time BG Radar: Today: Partly cloudy, with a high of 87ºF. Tonight: Mostly Clear, with a low of 70ºF.  Tis Saturday, and all around Are waking to the sweet ole sound Of no alarm clock, or work to go to Only a forecast to check, and a good one, too. The past few days have been […]

Air Force to Replace Weather Model

It’s no surprise that American weather models have struggled in comparison with the European weather model ECMWF.  The American large scale model, the GFS, received an update to it’s formulas last year, bringing closer to the caliber of the ECMWF. However, the ECMWF is scheduled for another update in the coming months, which will likely add […]

Tornado Forecasting Workshop with Rich Thompson

An amazing series has been put together by the University of Oklahoma’s Student Chapter of the American Meteorology Society (OUSCAMS). OUSCAMS has had Lead Forecaster Rich Thompson of the Storm Prediction Center come to the National Weather Center for a weekly series discussing tornado forecasting. I will say the tornado forecasting workshop is not your normal […]

Why Numerical Forecasting Is Incredible

As much as I want the US government to help invest in US weather modeling, their lackluster GFS model is still an incredible achievement. The fact that we’re able to ballpark a forecast 7 days in advance is fairly remarkable, given that so many different things effect meteorology on a daily basis. Is this ability […]

NOAA To Invest In Weather Models

In somewhat of a surprising and good move, NOAA showed this morning that they are willing to step up to the plate and at least try to match their European counterparts in terms of computer modeling!   Timed with Dr Sullivan’s #AMS2015 keynote, @NOAA announces investment in 10-fold increase in computing power by October. $44.5M. — […]

Kim Jong-un Isn’t Happy About Recent Forecasts

Kim Jong-un is not happy with North Korean forecasters, who are apparently predicting the weather incorrectly.  He has made it a point to improve the local livelihood and economy in North Korea, and this seems to be an issue he has chosen to tackle as part of this vision. He is striving for more modern […]