Columbia, Mississippi Tornado Video

Check out this insane video footage of the Columbia, MS EF3 tornado that hit on December 23rd, 2014.  The tornado claimed four lives and injures many others in the process.  There are a couple of Columbia, Mississippi tornado videos out there, however, none are quite this close. This was shot at a Bumper to Bumper […]

Slow Motion Raindrop

I ran across this interesting piece on Gizmodo this morning, which included an amazing slow motion raindrop video.  The footage showcases the impact rain has on microscopic glass beads, which is similar to the impact it has on sand, as the rain effects what lies beneath.  The following was taken from Gizmodos write-up… There’s little […]

Buffalo Blizzard Drone Footage

Unless you’ve been living under a rock this past week, you’ve more than likely heard about the extreme lake effect snow event that has dumped several FEET of snow on Buffalo, New York and surrounding areas.  Several people have lost their lives during this event.  The enormous weight of the snow pack has caused several […]

Security Camera Captures Tornado Impact

Last Friday a tornado tore through Colfax, Wisconsin.  According to WEAU 13 News, as the tornado hit, a security camera belonging to the Cedar Country Co-Op captured the action.  The video is a reminder of what Mother Nature is capable of.  To the guy driving the black pickup truck…you’re one lucky soul.