Tampa Waterspout Becomes Tornado

A waterspout occurred in Tampa, Florida yesterday. The Tampa waterspout occurred along the South Skyway, where it briefly came onshore as a tornado. According to the National Weather Service in Tampa Bay, the waterspout/tornado is classified as an EF-0 with wind speeds up to 65-75 mph. Check out some dramatic, up close video below.

Tropics Heating Up

Even though the Atlantic Hurricane season does not officially begin until June 1, the tropics are already heating up with the National Hurricane Center monitoring a disturbance off the eastern coast of Florida. Currently, an area of low pressure is situated between Miami, FL and the Bahamas and this low has triggered showers and thunderstorms […]

Ocean Effect Snow in Florida

You’ve probably heard of Lake Effect Snow, but have you ever heard of Ocean Effect Snow? This is not uncommon in areas such as Cape Cod, however, Jacksonville, Florida…a very unlikely candidate, was the recipient of light ocean effect snow this past Thursday. Surprise, Floridians! Soo it’s #snowing #Florida RIGHT NOW!! StormTracker10 has it on […]

Sunshine State Goes From Severe Weather to Hard Freeze

If you think the weather in Kentucky has been wild, try living in Florida. Many locations in the norther portion of Florida saw severe storms move through yesterday afternoon. There were many damaging wind reports in these area and there was even one report of a tornado. It’s a completely different story today as a […]

Tornado Hits Florida Prison

As those of us here in Kentucky have been focusing on winter weather lately, severe weather has been affecting the south. Just this morning, a radar-confirmed tornado struck the Florida panhandle, damaging a prison in Blountstown. No inmates escaped from the Calhoun Correctional Institution, but two workers were injured. According to WFLA in Tampa, the […]

Water Spouts Off Gulf Coast

There were some water spouts spotted just off the coast from Gulf Shores this morning. Quite the excitement for those vacationers! Take a look at some of these tweets from folks this morning. Elevated waterspouts “@Chuck_Tonini: @spann Way off in the distance SW of Gulf Shores. Am I seeing things? pic.twitter.com/yjrJbJEobs” — James Spann (@spann) […]

Navarre, Florida Waterspout Well Documented

A waterspout occurred earlier today off the coast of Navarre, Florida. The Navarre, Florida waterspout was very well documented as Twitter was full of pictures of the large waterspout. Waterspouts are much like tornadoes, only they form over water, often times without the presence of a mesocyclone. Waterspouts are often much weaker than tornadoes. Check […]

Heavy Rain & Lightning Cancel Florida Football Game

The Florida Gators were poised to kickoff their 2014 football season by playing Idaho at home last night. Unfortunately, just before the scheduled 7 p.m. kickoff, a thunderstorm approached Gainesville and multiple lightning strikes were seen within an eight-mile radius of their stadium, “The Swamp.” College football rules state that a game must be suspended […]

Invest 94L Threat to US?

We’ve already had Arthur and Bertha. Could invest 94L become Cristoble next? And, could it be any threat to the US? Well, the National Hurricane Center does not think 94L will develop into a tropical depression over the next 48 hours. In fact, they only give 94L a 30% chance of becoming a depression over […]

Tropical Storm Arthur Is Here

We have been watching Invest 91L pretty closely over the past few days, and this morning this low was able to strengthen into the first named Tropical Storm of the Atlantic hurricane season…Tropical Storm Arthur.  This occurred soon after 91L was upgraded to a Tropical Depression last night. A Tropical Storm Watch is now in effect for […]