Dry 4th of July, Then Shower Chances Return

Happy Independence Day, everyone! The United States is officially 244 years old. Nature won’t be firing any of her own fireworks today, so we’ll be free to fire our own! We’ll see a dry 4th of July, then shower chances return. Toasty Temperatures Today Summer has definitely arrived in South Central Kentucky, and today will […]

Rinse and Repeat Summer Forecast

Good morning! I hope everyone’s 4th of July was wonderful and filled with plenty of good food, friends/family, and fireworks. As for the weather, we’re looking at the same rinse and repeat summer forecast. Guess What? Scattered Storms Fireworks likely will continue to be a thing the next couple of days in your local neighborhood, […]

Fourth Of July Might Actually Be Sunny

Real-Time BG Radar: Fourth Of July: Partly sunny, with a chance for scattered storms. High of 81ºF. Tonight: 100% chance of fireworks all night. Scattered storms remaining. Low of 67ºF. Happy 239th Birthday America! I wish I could celebrate my birthday with fireworks. Anyways, it has been a fun ride. You’ve provided us with the best […]

ACC Championship Game Delayed by Fireworks

The ACC Championship Game for football was played at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, NC tonight. The ACC decided to set off some pregame fireworks inside the stadium. Smoke from the fireworks stuck around longer than expected and actually delayed the start of tonight’s game. Waiting for the fireworks smoke to clear… #ACCFCG pic.twitter.com/1FzMozdyxc […]