Accuracy of Car Thermometers

Why do the car and bank thermometers always throw extreme temperature readings out there for you to see? It’s all according to the placement of the sensor apparently. Don’t put much stock in car thermometers.  The following was taken from an article posted on “Car thermometers obviously don’t operate in this kind of environment. […]

El Niño Impacts On The USA

El Niño is a climate concept that occurs when the tropical Pacific Ocean waters become warmer than average.  It has been known to play a part in producing extreme weather events across the US, while also altering our climate to some degree. I know all of this weather and climate mumbo-jumbo can get confusing, but […]

Where’s The Heat??

We’ve made it to June 13th (today) without reaching the 90˚ threshold.  However, that all may change next week.  According to the National Weather Service, Bowling Green’s average first day to crack the 90˚ mark is May 20th.  We’re currently beating that stretch by 24 days.  I don’t know about you, but I hope that […]