Tropical Storm Colin’s Weather News of the Day

Tropical Storm Colin is currently churning in the northeastern Gulf of Mexico, nearing landfall on the western side of the peninsula. Colin is still really disorganized, and hasn’t strengthened very much today. He is still sitting at 50 mph, with his central pressure falling to 1001 mb. Honestly, I wouldn’t be shocked to see him […]

World Record Snowfall in Italy

Capracotta, a town in Italy saw over 100 inches of snow in less than 24 hours last week. This has a chance to break the record daily snowfall currently held by a town in Colorado. For everyone in Kentucky complaining about the snow last week, try shoveling 101 inches off your porch! “According to, […]

Potential Tornado in Southern France

A potential tornado touched down in southern France earlier today. The potential tornado occurred in the Rhone Valley region of the country. The location of the tornado remains unknown to us at this time. You can see the potential tornado has what looks like several vortices, making me think it is a multi-vortex tornado that […]

Storms Rock Portions of Europe

The U.S. isn’t the only place seeing vigorous thunderstorms of late, places in Europe have been seeing some spectacular storms. Here lately, it seems like Germany, Croatia, and Italy have seen the strongest storms, and they have turned out quite beautiful. Check out the stunning photos via Twitter for yourself! A majestic shelf cloud near […]

Video: Tornado Hits Istanbul

A tornado impacted Istanbul, Turkey earlier today.  Check out these videos (a few too close for comfort)… When a tornado hits a populated area these days, it’s captured from many angles. The population of Istanbul is estimated at ~14.1 million people. Tornadoes are witnessed from time to time in southern Turkey, however, they are quite […]

Twin Tornadoes Hit Russia

Check out this image of twin tornadoes. These occurred earlier today near the Nizhneustselemovo, Chelyabinsk Region of Russia.  No extensive damage has been reported up to this point, which may be credited to how rural the area is. Twin tornadoes in Russia today! @reedtimmerTVN @stormpics @SeanSchoferTVN — severe-weather.EU (@severeweatherEU) June 11, 2014

Severe Weather Outbreak Over Europe

A severe weather event unfolded across portions of Europe yesterday and today.  Areas hardest hit included locations in France, Belgium and the Netherlands.  Europe’s Severe Weather Europe ( relayed info of a high risk for inclement weather over portions of these countries earlier today: @WetterOnline upgrade to HIGH risk today! — severe-weather.EU (@severeweatherEU) […]