Flooding Hits the Driest Place on Earth

The Atacama Desert – known as the driest place on Earth – was hit with heavy thunderstorms last week, causing deadly flooding. Parts of the desert received 0.96 inches of rain last Tuesday, which is equivalent to about 14-years’ worth of rain for this part of the world. In response, the Copiapo River swelled over; this […]

El Nino Update

The latest update from the Climate Prediction Center still has a 60 – 65% chance of an El Nino occurring during the Northern Hemisphere fall and winter. Here is the model spread:   Here is an image of the sea surface height anomalies. Higher than normal sea surface indicates warmer ocean waters.     In […]

El Niño Update

I’ve received many questions over the past week pertaining to the current status of El Niño, and if we can expect any kind of impacts from it.  Well to start off, the state of this climate influencer  has made a contribution to our unseasonably cool summer.  The month of July has been very unusual in […]

El Niño Impacts On The USA

El Niño is a climate concept that occurs when the tropical Pacific Ocean waters become warmer than average.  It has been known to play a part in producing extreme weather events across the US, while also altering our climate to some degree. I know all of this weather and climate mumbo-jumbo can get confusing, but […]

El Nino and La Nina

We’ve all heard about El Nino and La Nina summers, but what do they actually mean? Well, it has all to do with the temperature of the Pacific Ocean, around the equator. In a year that is determined to be El Nino, the sea surface temperature in the equatorial Pacific will be above normal. During […]