Scud Season Is Upon Us

With a warm, soupy air mass in place this time of year, conditions become ripe for rogue, “pop up” thunderstorm development. With summer creeping up, it’s safe to say, scud season is upon us. What’s Scud? The official definition for scud, taken from the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, is as follows: Scud (or Fractus) […]

WON vlog 12/17/16

A wild weather ride is in store today through Sunday. Winds howling out of the south will warm temperatures into the 60s today, before chances for strong thunderstorms arrive tonight. An Arctic crash in temps will lead to a wintry mix late tonight, resulting in treacherous travel early Sunday morning.

NOAA Weather Games

If you’re like me, you find this weather pretty darn boring. Sure, the weather’s not too bad, but it’s also not ideal with temperatures in the thirties and twenties across the entire state. So, what can we do to pass the time? Well, I stumbled upon some pretty neat weather related games from NOAA. the […]

El Niño Update

I’ve received many questions over the past week pertaining to the current status of El Niño, and if we can expect any kind of impacts from it.  Well to start off, the state of this climate influencer  has made a contribution to our unseasonably cool summer.  The month of July has been very unusual in […]


A microburst is defined by the National Weather Service as follows: A convective downdraft with an affected outflow area of less than 2½ miles wide and peak winds lasting less than 5 minutes. Microbursts may induce dangerous horizontal/vertical wind shears, which can adversely affect aircraft performance and cause property damage. When it comes to understanding […]

Summer Reading At Butler County Library

I had the privilege of leading today’s reading lesson at the Butler County Public Library.  We covered topics including severe weather safety, convective modes & features, tornadoes, and storm chasing.  The group was very educated and attentive!  Thank you all for having me, and a special thanks to Tammy Phelps-Suggs for giving me the opportunity. […]

Wx Or Not App For iPhone

We are very happy to announce that the Wx Or Not Bowling Green app has been reviewed and made available in the iTunes store. The app provides quick, up-to-minute updates of current weather conditions in Bowling Green, including temperature, dewpoint, real feel, relative humidity, wind direction & speed, barometric pressure, visibility, precipitation types & amounts […]

Cold Air Funnel In Warren County

As mentioned in this morning’s forecast post, cold air funnels and small hail would be possible with any showers and storms that developed today.  Shortly after 9am, cells started to pop up in southern Warren County.  Not long after they popped, reports started rolling in of small hail near Plano & Boyce: Hey @WxOrNotBG should i be […]

Tolerable Today; Fantastic This Weekend

Real-time Observation for Bowling Green, Ky: Real-time Regional Radar: ———————————————————————————————————————————————————– Today 5/2 – Mostly Sunny; Breezy – High 65˚ / Tonight – Clear – Low 45˚ 6am 44˚ – 9am 54˚ – 12pm 63˚ – 3pm 65˚ – 6pm 63˚ – 9pm 57˚ Today’s weather will be similar to Thursday’s, thanks to that annoying upper low wobbling off […]