Hurricane Joaquin Strengthens

Hurricane Joaquin continues to strengthen as it turns into a Category 4 hurricane. Check out the video below from The Capital Weather Gang as they explain this violent storm and its impacts on the east coast.     Joaquin looks to be tracking eastward, but the National Hurricane Center (NHC) believes that landfall is still […]

Joaquin Now Hurricane Status

Out in the Atlantic, Tropical Storm Joaquin strengthened into a Category 1 Hurricane overnight. As of 7AM CDT, Joaquin was producing winds of 75 mph up to 30 miles from its center, with higher gusts at times. These winds are predicted to increase over the next couple of days (NHC). Currently, the hurricane is situated […]

East Coast Storm to Affect Thanksgiving Travel

On the biggest travel day of the year, a storm off the East Coast could cause trouble for Thanksgiving travelers. The extent of this travel nightmare will greatly depend on where the rain-snow line sets itself up on Wednesday. Most of the East Coast including areas along Interstate 95 (Washington, Philadelphia, New York, Boston) can […]

Nor’easter Impacting the East Coast

Weather terms can often be used inappropriately or without full understanding of the denotation of the word. The term Nor’easter (or Northeaster) is weather jargon to describe a large storm heading up the east coast. But what exactly is the criteria for a Nor’easter? The American Meteorological Society defines a Nor’easter as: “A cyclonic storm […]

Fireball Reports Last Night

There were 95 reports of a fireball seen shooting through the sky last night in North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and New jersey. All of the reports came in around 10:15 P.M. EST. It is still not known whether this was a meteor shooting through the sky or satellite debris. Check out this video […]