Kevin Durant’s Weather News of the Day

I don’t care that this isn’t weather related, I am excited. You may hate this move or love it, but KD going to the Warriors on Monday is one of the most significant moves in NBA history. The Golden State Warriors now have one of the best rosters assembled in NBA history, and I am […]

A Technical Discussion of the June 29, 2012 Derecho

Four years ago today, one of the more infamous derechoes in recorded meteorological history formed. This formed across northern Illinois and northern Indiana, and raced southeastward across the northern fringe of an intense surface high pressure system. This was an absolutely classic derecho, and was one of the more destructive events in recent memory, and […]

Opinion: Definition of a Derecho

Recently, I read a published piece out of the SPC title, “A Proposed Revision To The Definition of ‘Derecho’”, and it was fantastic. A derecho is a long lived, convectively induced windstorm. It can often be violent, and must have continuous swaths of wind damage. Currently defined as, “the swath of wind damage extends for […]

The Impact of Extreme Weather Events On Young Weather Enthusiasts

I know, super-long title this morning, but this is something I’ve felt like writing lately. Extreme weather events have a big impact on young weather enthusiasts. And, I can provide proof of this. When a young weather enthusiast endures an extreme weather event, it will introduce bias to that enthusiast. When future extreme weather events […]

Strong Storms Leave Damage in Parts of Country

Last night strong storms impacted areas from Texas to Georgia and northward into Kentucky. A long lived derecho with even a few tornadoes within the line was responsible for most of the damage reports. The hardest hit places were Texas and Arkansas.   Tons of damage is being reported in #Waco. Here is the latest […]

Midwest Derecho

Only a post analysis could truly dictate if we have a Derecho situation ongoing but the signs are certainly there. Check out some of the images across social media today:   The @NWSSPC expanded today’s severe storm risk & is still warning of a psbl derecho later today. Head’s up, Chicago. — Eric Holthaus […]

Major Convective Storms Today

Today was a setup that has been a long time coming for 2014. The return of the jet stream has definitely played a huge role in organizing atmospheric dynamics to support explosive convection across the Midwest throughout the day today. Major hail, severe winds and tornadoes have been ongoing and still threaten to be an issue […]


Every now and then a particular synoptic setup occurs in which a large complex of thunderstorms tracks hundreds of miles and causes widespread wind damage.  When these bow echoes remain fairly organized and severe over a certain distance and length of time, they are often referred to as Derechos; a Spanish word which means “direct” or “straight […]