Severe Weather Possible Today

Happy Friday everyone! We have got a lot to talk about today, but we have some good news with everything as well. First up on the list is the severe weather threat today. Friday Starting off today’s forecast, is the possibility for severe weather. Now, this is still a lower end threat as noted by […]

Soggy but Quieter Weekend Ahead

After yesterday’s strong winds, rather large hail, and even maybe a funnel cloud, we’ll start to calm down into the weekend. I mean, sure, we’ll still see on and off rain chances for the next few days, but nowhere near yesterday’s active weather. In short, a soggy but quieter weekend ahead. A Cooler and Cloudy […]

The Fall Feel is Just About Here

After a dreary couple of days, things are well on their way to being pleasant and fall-like as a cold front is about to sweep the rain away and bring back the sunshine and that means the fall feel is just about here. Wednesday Weather Woes? We’re not completely done with the rain quite yet, […]

Quiet and Cool Bowling Green Weather

Real-time Bowling Green Weather Radar Yesterday’s Weather Yesterday was a wonderful fall day, if a bit chilly thanks to the wind. Looks like we’ll have one more day like that on the way for tomorrow before clouds move in for Saturday. Forecast Summary Today: Brilliant sunshine with a high near 50ºF, partly cloudy skies tonight, […]

Rainy and Cooler Bowling Green Weather

Real-time Bowling Green Weather Radar: Today: Partly cloudy, with scattered storms highs around 83°F. Tonight: Increasing clouds, with precip possible late. Lows around 68°F. Yesterday was, well, at least a bit nicer than the days prior in terms of temperatures! The day started off with some cloud cover, keeping temps in the 70s for a […]

Kansas Supercell Drops Several Tornadoes

Last evening across western Kansas, a monster supercell formed and slowly moved northward. This storm formed along a boundary interaction with the dryline to form this, and other, supercells. This was an absolute beast, and produced upwards of a dozen tornadoes as reported by some chasers on the storm. Because of its relative isolation, this […]