Scud Season Is Upon Us

With a warm, soupy air mass in place this time of year, conditions become ripe for rogue, “pop up” thunderstorm development. With summer creeping up, it’s safe to say, scud season is upon us. What’s Scud? The official definition for scud, taken from the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, is as follows: Scud (or Fractus) […]

Debunking The Chemtrail Conspiracy Theory

I ran across a fantastic article on Gawker, written by Dennis Mersereau,┬áthat breaks down and debunks the major factors conspiracy theorists attempt to use when justifying their beliefs regarding “Government modified weather” including chemtrails, cloud seeding, etc.   The article takes a different approach than what most meteorologists/sane weather enthusiast (including me) take when it […]