Less Than A Month From Today, Kentucky Will Be The Nation’s Focus

“When is Kentucky ever the focus of the entire country?” you may ask.  There have been recent times, but they are rare.  Kentucky is the focus of the sports world when a basketball team from the state wins the NCAA title.  Kentucky was a focus back in March of 2012 when the tornadoes struck eastern Kentucky. Kentucky […]

Historic Inauguration Day Weather

Every four years, the presidential election comes around and we have the Inauguration day. Because this is a relatively infrequent event, there is interest in the Historical weather on this day. Well, we now fall on the eve of the inauguration of the 45th president of the United States. The National Weather Service in Washington DC has […]

Twin Tornadoes Strike Germany

Yesterday, two tornadoes touched down in close proximity to each other. You may guess that this occurred in Oklahoma, or Kansas, but it didn’t. It occurred in Germany. Some crazy weather has been occurring in that region of the world recently, but this is pretty crazy in and of itself. The phenomena that formed in […]

White Christmas in Bowling Green

Christmas is now 20 days away and since many locations in Kentucky saw a white Thanksgiving this year, let’s break down southern Kentucky’s chance for a white Christmas. December 25 is still several days away from being included in long range model guidance, but we can take a look at climate information to get an […]

Snow Climatology

Now that colder temperatures are sweeping the country and we are getting our first real taste of winter, let’s talk snow in southern Kentucky. Even though there were some unofficial reports of sleet and snow flurries on Halloween night, the first official snowfall of the season has yet to be recorded at the Bowling Green […]