Here Comes the Official Start to Autumn

Good morning, everyone! A new season, Autumn, is right around the corner and our team is more than ready for this change of weather! Are you the same way? In today’s post, we will cover the storms that will accompany the final days of Summer and the calm, comfortable conditions that are to come to […]

A Cool off Is Underway

Good morning to you! Those miserably hot heat indices that we’ve had will be no more today, as a trend of declining temperatures will arise from disturbances coming our way. (That rhymed, unintentionally!) In today’s post, we will take a look at what’s to come today, this weekend, and even this upcoming week. Today If […]

End of July Brings a New Weather Pattern

Good morning, friends! So far this month, the forecast has consisted of hot temperatures and the daily chance of those pesky pop-up storms. If you’re like me, you probably cannot wait to get out of this cycle just to get a little bit of change. You are in luck, as the end of July brings […]

Climate Update

Here is a look at the precipitation and temperature trends over the next two weeks. The Climate Prediction Center has updated there 6-10 day and 8-14  day outlooks. Much cooler than normal temperatures and near normal precipitation looks to be in store over the next week.     By week 2, warmer air returns as the […]

Cold Through Mid Month

A series of troughs will swing through the area late this week and to end the weekend, making way for some cold air to move in. The Climate Prediction Center shows most of Kentucky will be in a bulls eye for the highest likelihood for colder than normal temperatures into mid month. Looks like we […]

Late October will be WARM

We are looking warm to end the month of October! Many areas, especially to our west will be seeing temperatures more characteristic of September. Take a look at the Climate Prediction Center‘s probabilities for above average temperatures over the next 8 – 14 days. We will kick tomorrow off with high temperatures in the mid […]

Climate Update

We have seen a good bit of rain over the past few weeks. Here is a look at the 7 day and 30 day rainfall totals across the region and the temperature departure from average.   The Climate Prediction Center  is forecasting much below average over the next 10 days with near normal temperatures.

NWS Rainfall Maps

Check out these rainfall maps from NWS Lousville showing one-day and three-day rainfall totals in our area. Check out the three-day totals map which shows a broad area of rainfall totals around 2-3″ as of 7 A.M. CST. As of 8:00 P.M. CST, we have seen an additional 0.41″ of precipitation at the Bowling Green […]

Climate Update

Temperatures have been just above normal across Kentucky this past week or so, but much of the Midwest has been as much as 15 degrees above normal the past week.   However, a cold front or two will bring us a decent cool down by this weekend. The upper Midwest will quite the cool down […]

Weather Tools for Weather Enthusiasts

There are plenty of easy-to-use weather tools available to anyone. For those of you interested in going a little deeper than the typical TV forecast, check out these sites. Severe Weather and Model Guidance: Storm Prediction Center (SPC) The SPC website has plenty of tools available to keep up to date with the latest severe […]