Wet Weather Returns for the Weekend

Good Morning, Kentucky! Hope you had the chance to enjoy the dry weather yesterday. Conditions were rather pleasant as temperatures hit the 70s Friday and we stayed rain free. Changes begin today as wet weather returns for the weekend. Rainfall Status It has been a wet year so far as you have probably been able […]

Change of Conditions by the End of the Week

Good morning, Kentucky! It’s the first day of October and although we broke a record high temperature yesterday, it’s feeling more like Fall now that we are in a new month. In case you’re wondering, we have 30 days until Halloween, 58 days until Thanksgiving, and 85 days until Christmas. The best time of year […]

10 Signs Spring Has Arrived

These things are popping up everywhere. People are flying kites. Dogs are hanging out of windows…   …sometimes a little too far. Hiking becomes more popular. Camping, too… Fires become more of a hazard. Grenade fishing is in full swing. Spring Break burns are nothing more than a common fashion trend. “PLAY BALL!” Last but […]