A Fantastic Start to the Week before Rain Chances Return

Real Time Radar Yesterday’s Weather Yesterday turned out to be another mild day across Southern Kentucky. Bowling Green recorded a high temperature of 66°F which is about 16 degrees above average for this time of year. Forecast Summary Today: Foggy this morning. Once the cloud cover departs we’ll see mostly sunny skies with highs nearing […]

California, US Drought Improves Drastically

As you all well know, much of the US, especially the Southeast and California, was entrenched in a drought, with the worst effects being felt in California. The drought there had been ongoing for several years, and people wondered when it would stop. The southeast drought had been ongoing since the beginning of 2016. Areas […]

Rare Tornado In California Yesterday

Today, there are tornado watches and warnings in association with a strong mid and upper level system moving into the central part of the country today. However, in association with the same system was a tornado yesterday. In California. Tornadoes are already rare in California, as they only average 4 tornadoes a year in the state. […]

Snowfall in the Western US

While those of us here in the eastern part of the United States have been seeing warmer than normal temperatures, those in the western parts have been experiencing just the opposite! Areas in the higher latitudes of central California, western Montana, and even Arizona have snow on the ground for the first part of November. […]

California Called, And It Wants Our Rain

Recently (this year), the state of Kentucky has seen several events in which we have received almost absurdly large amounts of precipitation. We have had about 5 major precipitation events across the state that have dramatically reversed us from what looked to be a moderate drought in January to major flooding here in April. Well, […]