Southern Michigan 193 Vehicle Pileup

Here is a video that shows the chaotic scenes that unfolding during a 193-vehicle pileup on Interstate 94 near Kalamazoo, Michigan this past Friday. A round of blinding snow was blamed for the awful crash.  Often times we hear of slick roads, and rightfully so, however, very heavy wintry precipitation can lead to very poor […]

Heavy Snow Leads To I-93 Pileup In New Hampshire

During the mid morning hours of Friday, Interstate 93 in New Hampshire experienced a burst of heavy snow.  This snow quickly slicked up the roadways, along with reducing the visibility of traveling motorists.  A large I-93 pileup occurred as a result. pileup on 93 in new hampshire. we are fine. #snow #traffic #newhampshire A photo […]

Accuracy of Car Thermometers

Why do the car and bank thermometers always throw extreme temperature readings out there for you to see? It’s all according to the placement of the sensor apparently. Don’t put much stock in car thermometers.  The following was taken from an article posted on “Car thermometers obviously don’t operate in this kind of environment. […]

Tornado Debris – How Far Can It Go?

Over the course of April 27 and April 28, a severe weather outbreak commenced over the south-central to southeast United States. 107 tornadoes were reported over the course of two days (filtered per SPC).  A few of the tornadoes were rather intense, launching debris from populated regions several miles away. Wx Or Not BG team […]

Deep South Takes Another Hit

Much like we saw in Atlanta recently, large metropolitan areas in North Carolina are currently being ravaged by a significant winter storm.  Not only that, but many other locations in Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina are also being impacted.  Many folks are stranded, leaving their vehicles in search of shelter. Many have also been involved […]

Winter Plasters The South

States located along the coast from Texas to the Carolinas have been impacted by a wicked winter storm.  Several precipitation types ranging from sleet to freezing rain & snow have caused quite the impact on travel. A large portion of the south has suffered through ridiculous driving conditions for much of the day, with the […]