The NWS Could Become 6 Centralized Offices??

Well, I am gonna put this one in the “News I Didn’t Wanna See” column today. This is infuriating on so many levels that it is crazy. Before I elaborate on just why, though, let me just lay out the facts for you. Earlier today, the Capital Weather Gang (CWG) published a piece about the Senate proposing […]

Air Force to Replace Weather Model

It’s no surprise that American weather models have struggled in comparison with the European weather model ECMWF.  The American large scale model, the GFS, received an update to it’s formulas last year, bringing closer to the caliber of the ECMWF. However, the ECMWF is scheduled for another update in the coming months, which will likely add […]

Investing in Forecast Research

The Washington Post’s Capital Weather Gang put out a recent article featuring guest commentary from Thomas Bogdan, President of the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research. In this article, Bogdan stresses the importance of continued investment in weather forecast research for the well-being of our society. The reason this topic came about is because the Federal […]

HDR Photography: Good Or Evil?

In today’s modern world of tech gadgets and smart phones, not to mention apps such as Instagram, everyone is seemingly a ‘amateur professional’ photographer.  The access to filtration and settings such as HDR allow an average photo to turn into the best thing since sliced bread.  The photo below helps you understand what HDR can […]

Western U.S. Drought Status

Yesterday we took a look at Kentucky’s drought status. Kentucky’s drought is actually not too bad when compared to the severity of  the droughts out west. Much of the west is currently involved in a widespread drought, with California feeling the worst of the impacts. In fact, 58.41% of the state is in an exceptional […]