Rounds of Cold Air Bring Winter Early

Welcome back, everyone! Glad you could stop by. It was a pleasant fall day yesterday, but big changes are coming. As we move into the midst of the fall season, rounds of cold air will seem to bring winter early. Wet and Windy Thursday If you remember back to Halloween, it was a pretty gross […]

Showers, Strong Storms Then Cold Before Temperatures Rise for Easter

Strap yourself in for another wild ride called April weather. We are in for showers, strong storms then cold before temperatures rise for Easter. Morning and Early Afternoon Showers and Warm, Gusty Winds With temperatures in the mid 70’s, today actually looks pretty good if you don’t mind the gusty winds and occasional showers dropping […]

Unbelievable Tornado In Manitoba, Canada

Last evening, there was a severe weather outbreak over the northern Great Plains of North America. This included North and South Dakota, Montana and Southern portions of Canada. This was in response to a very strong and dynamic low pressure system that rapidly intensified out of Montana and into southern Canada yesterday afternoon and evening. […]

Where is the Cold Coming From?

Cold weather is expected to settle into Kentucky beginning tomorrow and lasting through the weekend. Unfortunately, the coldest temperatures of the week may occur overnight on Valentine’s Day. Temperatures will begin to drop as a cold front moves across the state tonight but where is this cold air coming from? Check out the latest run of the NAM […]

Calgary, Alberta Sees First Snow

You may have noticed the temperatures were a bit lower compared the norm today. Temperatures were even colder in parts of Canada. Calgary, Alberta received some snow today as a result of the colder temperatures in the region. Don’t worry, we’re not expected to see snow anytime soon. However, it is indicative of the changing […]

Wildfire Smoke Is Visible Across Kentucky And Beyond

Check out this map from the NOAA Satellite Services Division showing active wildfires in the country and areas that are seeing smoke from those wildfires. This map was released at 5:30 P.M. CST today and it indicates that south central Kentucky has some thin smoke in the atmosphere. Anywhere there is a red dot on […]

Washington Wildfires

Here’s a closeup from the 438-mile high satellite. Lots of smoke coming from Chelan & Okanogan Counties. #wawx — NWS Spokane (@NWSSpokane) July 17, 2014 Other areas being affected are Oregon and well north into Canada: Here’s a look at where all the smoke is coming from. #mtwx #idwx #Montana #Idaho #mtfire #idfire #bcwx […]

Satellite Captures Smoke in Western Canada.

NOAA satellites captured this impressive photo of dense smoke across western and central Canada yesterday. The red dots you see on the image are active wildfires in northwest Canada. Northwesterly winds helped to carry the areas of smoke south and east across Canada. Currently, the heaviest smoke is in the Northwest Territories, but the main […]