New England is Getting Walloped With Snow

Over the past few days, the weather models had been honing in on a strong piece of atmospheric energy diving southeastward out of southern Canada. This was forecast to force a strong surface low that would explosively develop just off the northeastern coast. Associated with this would be strong dynamics, and the ability to force […]

Christmas Blizzard Affects Upper Midwest

Yesterday, you likely noticed the unseasonable warmth across the region. Temperatures quickly warmed into the 70s across southern Kentucky, making Christmas feel more like Spring. But why was this; why did it get so warm? Well, off to our west, a strong surface low began to develop on the lee side of the Rocky Mountains. This […]

First Winter Storm of the Season Expected Across the Northern Plains

If you read the forecast post this morning, then you caught the reference to this in the discussion section! If not, you’re in luck. The central and northern Plains states are expecting their first winter storm of the season, and I am kinda excited about that as well. As I mentioned this morning, the first […]

Appreciate The Past Year Of Snow

As a whole, neither of the past two winters (so far) have wildly deviated from the normal. In fact, as crazy as that two week period in February and March of 2015 was, this winter’s December might have been the wildest extreme, with many locations in central Kentucky seeing temperatures at least 10ºF above normal. My point […]

Ridiculous Weather Impacted Central Plains

Monday, Jacob Wilkins wrote about how there were severe weather warnings in areas that were under Blizzard warnings at the same time. Well, yesterday we got our first sights into just how dynamic this system is. There was a strong, and deepening low pressure system over northwestern Texas, and it deepen as it moved northeastward. This system has […]

The WxOrNot Tweets Of The Week

There are an endless amount of weather tweets that are sent out everyday. Whether it’s a puffy cumulus cloud or a beautiful sunset, there are a million (that might be literal) to go around. Now, some are quality, quality tweets. Others are….well, others are interesting. Either way, there are always great tweets out there. Here […]

Blizzard To Impact Some Great Plains States

By now, you have surely heard about the strong low pressure center that is forecast to move out of the southwest, and rapidly intensify as it moves northeastward across the Great Plains. There are all kinds of threats that are consistent with a low of this magnitude. Severe weather is possible tomorrow, high winds will […]

Midwest March Madness Weather Bracket

  In honor of March Madness, the Midwestern Regional Climate Center has issued their weather bracket consisting of the top weather events to hit the region this winter. The two winter storms to hit Kentucky and the summer drought made the Elite 8. The two snowstorms advanced to the Final 4 and the March 4th through the 5th […]

World Record Snowfall in Italy

Capracotta, a town in Italy saw over 100 inches of snow in less than 24 hours last week. This has a chance to break the record daily snowfall currently held by a town in Colorado. For everyone in Kentucky complaining about the snow last week, try shoveling 101 inches off your porch! “According to, […]

Hundreds of Drivers Stranded with Latest Winter Storm

Numerous drivers are stranded on roads across Kentucky due to the latest winter storm dropping up to TWO FEET of snow. Vehicles are having to be shoveled out from all the snow on Interstate 65. Governor Steve Beshear  has declared a statewide emergency to help counties recover. Storm Recap: Here is a map of the observed […]