Weekend Brings Heavy Rain to Region

Much needed rainfall continues to fall in drought stricken regions such as California and the Nations heartland. Here is a look at the 14 day precipitation totals across the U.S. Clearly the south central plains have been the bulls eye for the rainfall over the past several weeks with as much as 15 inches of […]

Storms Tear through Southern Plains

After a slow start to the severe weather season, the southern Great Plains got hit hard yesterday. Multiple tornadoes were reported from Oklahoma through Arkansas with Oklahoma City and Tulsa right in the middle of several of those tornado warned storms. Tornado ratings are not out yet but preliminary reports show tornadoes were likely responsible […]

Strong Storms Leave Damage in Parts of Country

Last night strong storms impacted areas from Texas to Georgia and northward into Kentucky. A long lived derecho with even a few tornadoes within the line was responsible for most of the damage reports. The hardest hit places were Texas and Arkansas.   Tons of damage is being reported in #Waco. Here is the latest […]

Tornado Debris – How Far Can It Go?

Over the course of April 27 and April 28, a severe weather outbreak commenced over the south-central to southeast United States. 107 tornadoes were reported over the course of two days (filtered per SPC).  A few of the tornadoes were rather intense, launching debris from populated regions several miles away. Wx Or Not BG team […]