Classic Summertime Pattern Continues

Gooood Sunday morning, folks! I hope everyone has been enjoying this hot weekend so far, because this classic summertime pattern continues to march onward. Isolated Storm Sunday As with the past several days, there really isn’t anything significant to break down for you. I am sorry to disappoint! With a ridge of high pressure to […]

Fourth Of July Might Actually Be Sunny

Real-Time BG Radar: Fourth Of July: Partly sunny, with a chance for scattered storms. High of 81ºF. Tonight: 100% chance of fireworks all night. Scattered storms remaining. Low of 67ºF. Happy 239th Birthday America! I wish I could celebrate my birthday with fireworks. Anyways, it has been a fun ride. You’ve provided us with the best […]

Blizzard Currently Impacting Northeast

Here is a look at the initial stages of the Blizzard currently impacting the coastal regions of the Northeast. New York City to Boston will be measuring snow accumulations in feet. Folks in these parts are in for a big one! Snow is already covering Brooklyn. @spann Early hours of #Blizzard2015 in Brooklyn, New York […]

Your Fantasy Football Forecast

Many of you love fantasy sports, especially football.  I mean, heck, 41.5 million people played it this year alone. With respect to all other sports, lets face it, fantasy football is the real fantasy sport. Even I get it. The two years I did it, I enjoyed it and it took up little of my time (even […]

When is the Coldest Day of the Year?

It may surprise you when the coldest day of the year occurs. The western half of the U.S. generally sees their coldest day of the year during the beginning of the winter, while the eastern U.S. typically sees their coldest day toward the end of winter. To check out more U.S. Climate normal’s, visit the interactive […]