Pretty Nice Weekend, Storms Possible Monday

Last Night’s Rain Chances Exit Howdy folks, if you caught a shower last night, dodge the puddles today if you are getting out.  Look for today to be warm and mostly sunny, Sunday to be cooler and cloudier, and then our next weather maker to come Monday.  I would say this gives us a pretty […]

Snowstorm Across South Update

  Yesterday, the south experienced one the largest snowstorms in years. These areas have little snow removal equipment leading to serious travel problems…and you though Kentucky was bad! Many areas across the Mississippi valley through North Carolina picked up over a foot of snow! Take a look at some of the snow and travel issues […]

Tornadoes strike SE Alabama overnight

We don’t always associated tornadoes and severe weather with the winter season, but overnight Saturday in southeast Alabama, that proved to be the case. The low pressure system that was the source of our abundant rainfall in south central Kentucky also brought isolated severe weather and one supercell across Alabama. This supercell was embedded within […]

Gulf Coast Severe Weather

Severe weather is possible across southeastern portions of the United States today, particularly around the Gulf Coast. It’s been a fairly quiet severe weather pattern for the last several days. The last “slight” risk of severe weather was issued on December 14, 2014. Thus, we’ve had nine days with little severe weather activity. However, it […]

Water Spouts Off Gulf Coast

There were some water spouts spotted just off the coast from Gulf Shores this morning. Quite the excitement for those vacationers! Take a look at some of these tweets from folks this morning. Elevated waterspouts “@Chuck_Tonini: @spann Way off in the distance SW of Gulf Shores. Am I seeing things?” — James Spann (@spann) […]

Floating Sod

A few days ago the residents of north Alabama were doused by very heavy rainfall.  According to WHNT19 News, those living in Lawrence County received ~3″ of the wet stuff.  Sharon Jeffrey’s, a citizen of Mt. Hope, AL, had a rather odd encounter with the heavy rain.  Have a look at the video below and […]

Two Lessons In One Tweet

This is simple. I’m going to give you two lessons while only involving one tweet. Lesson number one: Lightning is “the occurrence of a natural electrical discharge of very short duration and high voltage between a cloud and the ground or within a cloud, accompanied by a bright flash and typically also thunder.” However, lightening, […]

Waterspout Over Mobile Bay

A beautiful waterspout was sighted over Mobile Bay, AL this afternoon. Waterspouts are much like tornadoes, only often times much weaker and form with water instead of land. Check out the picture and video below.   Waterspout over Mobile Bay this afternoon… photo from Murey Robbins #alwx — James Spann (@spann) June 27, 2014 […]

Tornado Debris – How Far Can It Go?

Over the course of April 27 and April 28, a severe weather outbreak commenced over the south-central to southeast United States. 107 tornadoes were reported over the course of two days (filtered per SPC).  A few of the tornadoes were rather intense, launching debris from populated regions several miles away. Wx Or Not BG team […]

Winter Plasters The South

States located along the coast from Texas to the Carolinas have been impacted by a wicked winter storm.  Several precipitation types ranging from sleet to freezing rain & snow have caused quite the impact on travel. A large portion of the south has suffered through ridiculous driving conditions for much of the day, with the […]