What is all the Buzz on the Saharan Dust?

Most of you have probably already heard the buzz around the Saharan dust that is making its way westward across the Atlantic. There are lots of questions on where these dust plumes are headed and what their affect will be on us. This post should hopefully answer those questions on the Saharan dust! What is […]

Temperature Inversion

What’s a temperature inversion?  That term has been tossed around the weather world a lot recently, and I’ve received a number of questions regarding it.  The folks over at the National Weather Service in Louisville recently produced a nice, short write up as to what a temperature inversion actually is.  Here’s a snippet from the […]

Air Quality Alerts

Many of the surrounding areas are beginning to see some air pollution issues due to the lack of rain. Here’s todays air quality forecast showing good air quality in unshaded areas, moderate in yellow, and unhealthy for sensitive groups in orange. It is interesting that there is a small pocket of good quality forecasted just to […]