Raindrops and Rays!! Welcome Spring 24 Mar

Good morning WABBLES community!! Spring is upon us bringing along warmer temperatures while closing the door on our Winter season. Umbrellas and raincoats will be needed today with showers in the forecast. This wet friday will lead to a weekend of wonderfull weather for outdoor activites. Raindrop Friday Rain Showers aren’t the only thing possible […]

High Winds and Thunderstorms Likely Mar 3

Good Morning WABBLES community!! Keep those raincoats and umbrellas handy for a wet start to the weekend. Ensure to keep watch for updates as high winds and thunderstorms are forcasted for the area. be aware of the severe weather this friday before we move of into a nice and relaxing weekend with warm temps. WABBLES […]

Squall Line

On Saturday night, Bowling Green and the rest of south central Kentucky was impacted by a familiar weather foe to the Ohio and Tennessee Valley’s.  This familiar foe is referred to as a squall line.  I snagged the following screen shot at approximately 8:20pm Saturday night.  It displays the squall line as it plowed east […]

Why Do You Chase?

“Why do you storm chase?” This is a question I am asked all too often, and rightfully so. Weather is a majestic mystery to the vast majority of the public.  This encapsulates people to want to learn more, and for similar reasons, I take the risks involved with chasing more often than not. The average Joe’s […]