Weather Radar Detects Celebratory Fans

Yes, you read that title right. The National Weather Service out of Kansas City has determined the local radar may have detected the celebration from Royals fans after they won the World Series. The radar was in dry air mode, scanning the lowest levels of the atmosphere every 10 minutes. At 11:38, the radar lights […]

Hurricane Patricia Fine Display of Dines Compensation

There are many laws and theories that govern synoptic and mesoscale meteorology. However, one of my favorites has always been Dines Compensation. Essentially, as air converges at the surface, it is forced upward, where it is eventually diverged aloft. This is because very little air escapes through the tropopause into the stratosphere, and the height […]

Tornado Forecasting Workshop with Rich Thompson

An amazing series has been put together by the¬†University of Oklahoma’s Student Chapter of the American Meteorology Society (OUSCAMS). OUSCAMS has had Lead Forecaster Rich Thompson of the Storm Prediction Center come to the National Weather Center for a weekly series discussing tornado forecasting. I will say the tornado forecasting workshop is not your normal […]

March Thaw On The Way?

Wx Or Not contributor Pierce Larkin published a great post earlier about why¬†winter needs to end. I think we can all agree with him in that accord. It’s been cold and dry for a majority of the winter, then we got our big event that proves the BG Bubble is quite susceptible to events, thus, […]

Chicago Snowfall Expected This Weekend

Portions of the Chicago area could receive quite a bit of snowfall this weekend. This is the same system that looked like it could have impacted us with some wintry weather. However, the models have corrected to the northwest, as was expected. The low pressure system that is responsible for the snow will likely bring […]

Understanding Why Forecasts Bust

In light of the major snowfall bust for the New York City area on Monday this week, many are looking at forecasters and wondering how such a thing can happen. Technology has advanced to the point where we can have semi-accurate forecasts up to 7 days in advance, but some of the bigger systems are […]

Your Guide to Precip Types

For anyone who has lived in this state for more than 5 years, they understand how insane the weather is here. We live in one of the most difficult states to forecast weather in, and normal weather here is almost something of a gift. This is especially true when it comes to winter weather around […]

“Blockbuster” Blizzard Set To Hit Major Cities

Well, the rainfall we received last night was associated with a system that is getting ready to absolutely blast the Northeast with snowfall and winds. This system is being referred to as “historic” and life threatening, and will impact cities such as Boston, NYC and Philadelphia with snowfall totals over a foot. NYC and Boston […]

Where Did The Snow Come From?

So, where did all that heavy snow come from Friday evening? It came as a surprise to most forecasters in the region. A number of factors played into the snowfall event that took place across much of central Kentucky. Let’s back up a few days. The system really began catching the eye of the meteorological […]

Weather Challenge Resumes Monday

The Weather Challenge resumes on Monday. The Weather Challenge is a nationwide forecasting competition that features some of the brightest minds in the weather business. From freshmen in college to folks with their doctoral degree in meteorology, their forecasting abilities are put to the test. The Weather Challenge is made up of 4 cities per […]