Mar. 13th; Frosty Conditions Return, Possible Snow Showers?

Happy Monday morning, WABBLES family! While some of us are on Spring Break this week, it certainly doesn’t feel like spring due to these unseasonably frosty temperatures. That silly groundhog might have been right when he saw his shadow back in February… six more weeks of winter for us it seems, as we continue our chilly March pattern. All of this and more, as we break down the forecast together!

Frosty Conditions Return, Possible Snow Showers?
Yep… time to grab those mittens and scarves again. (GIPHY)

Today’s Forecast

Yes, you heard that right ladies and gentlemen! We’ve got a pretty small chance of seeing some snow showers as we go throughout the day today, mostly due to a shot of frosty air making its way south from Canada and the Great Lakes. However, we’ll warm up to around 43 degrees by the afternoon, so if we see any flurries today it’ll likely be in the morning. Trace amounts of snow are possible in some areas, but our main story will be the cold, as wind chills will get into the 20s this evening!

Frosty Conditions Return, Possible Snow Showers?
Some trace accumulations possible through Tuesday. (PivotalWeather)

Frosty Temps Return This Week

These chilly temperatures, while pretty unusual for mid-March, are actually indicative of a much bigger cold pattern that we might continue to stay in through the end of the month. This is due to a pretty large-scale meteorological occurrence called a sudden stratospheric warming event, which separates the polar vortex into chunks and waves that can more frequently dip down into the Lower 48. Because of this, the WABBLES area could see a few more rounds of frosty chill before we truly start spring in earnest around the beginning of April.

Frosty Conditions Return, Possible Snow Showers?
Watch the cold air linger this week! (PivotalWeather)

This overall pattern is a bit more relaxed than what we’ve been seeing over the last several weeks and months, though the opportunity for severe weather later on in the month isn’t out of the question. At the very least the frosty pattern will keep us calmer, albeit colder this March. Keep those jackets and mittens around just in case, and maybe send one of the kids out to warm up the car before you head out to the office… you know, just to melt off all that windshield frost!

Closing Remarks

That’s about all we’ve got for you today, WABBLES! Though it’s chillier than usual this week, don’t forget to get outside and soak up some of those rays if you get the chance. Take care of yourself and yours, and enjoy the nicer weather before it changes all over again. But as long as you’re following us on the socials linked below, you’ll be prepared for whatever comes next! Until tomorrow friends, take care and stay safe!

Frosty Conditions Return, Possible Snow Showers?
See ya! (GIPHY)

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