Rainy Thursday in Store!

Happy Thursday WABBLES! We’ve had some fairly good weather this week, with a sunny start to the week and a few cloudy days. However, that will change as today we can expect to see some rain within the community, as well as some mild temperatures.

Me because it’s not Friday yet (GIPHY)


The start of today will begin cloudy, with relatively light wind speeds and a temperature of up to 55 degrees at 11AM. Temperatures will continue to steadily rise throughout the entire morning, and with the combined overcast skies expected will feel relatively cool. A mid level trough will begin to push to the east, bringing the rain we will see later on in the day and in the evening.

An area of lower heights (pressure on surface) will bring rain to WABBLES . (Pivotal Weather)


This afternoon the high temperature will reach 60 degrees at 4PM, and the rain coming from the west will begin around 5PM. The National Weather Service and Weather Prediction Center are both calling for between a tenth to a quarter of an inch of quantitative precipitation. Winds will continue to be light, between 8 and 13mph.

Quantitative precipitation map for Thursday (WPC)


Rain showers will continue to occur throughout the rest of the night, but begin to die out nearing early morning Friday. Temperature will be at its lowest for the day at 44 degrees. Rain will continue a steady pace, and not bring a large amount of precipitation into the area. Besides the continued rain and cloudy night skies, not much will be happening this evening!

NOAA Hourly Tabular Forecast and the lows/highs expected throughout the day (NOAA)

Friday’s Outlook

Good news! Friday looks to be fairly better than today, with no rain but continued cloudy skies. A cold front will push through the WABBLES region and bring drier air and relatively colder temps, with a high temperature of only 54 and a low of 32. Thats 12 degrees below whats expected for the low tonight!

Cold front moving past WABBLES early Friday morning (WPC)

That’s all to expect for today and tomorrow, and don’t forget to pack your umbrella for this afternoon! Have a great rest of Friday eve, and make sure to follow all of our social media platforms for our most recent weather updates!

Until next time! (GIPHY)