Mar. 6th; Much Calmer and Warmer Monday Ahead

Good Monday morning, friends all across WABBLES! I think we’ll all be relieved to hear that today— as well as the rest of this week— is looking much calmer than the last few we’ve had. We’ve certainly been through the wringer weather-wise lately, with everything from damaging high winds to severe storm threats. But it seems we will see a break from all of the chaos this week, so listen up as we go through the forecast together!

Much Calmer and Warmer Monday Ahead
Sunshine on the way! (GIPHY)

Today’s Forecast

As mentioned earlier, today is expected to be perfectly calm, with warmer temps that’ll end up feeling more like summer than early spring. We’ll be mostly sunny all day, with high temperatures for most of us clocking in around the high-70s. Winds will be a bit gusty through the evening, where light cloud cover will have our low temperatures lingering around the high-40s. No notable precipitation is expected, so get out there and enjoy the sun, folks!

Much Calmer and Warmer Monday Ahead
Much warmer temperatures all across the region today! (PivotalWeather)

A Calmer Week

The week ahead will be very much nicer than that of last week, as the sun and comfortable temperatures will follow us all the way through Wednesday evening before we see our next chance of precipitation. Daytime temperatures will slowly drop through Tuesday and Wednesday as a dry cold front slowly moves across the region, before a new, moist warm front moves in Wednesday night.

Much Calmer and Warmer Monday Ahead
The WPC’s Frontal Analysis for this week. (WPC)

Severe weather is NOT expected in our area with this new round of rain, so no need to worry on that front. At most we will pick up some more rainfall, and in some areas where the ground is low-lying or already saturated we may see some localized flooding. As we get closer to the event we’ll have more details for you, but until then, enjoy the nicer, calmer, warmer weather ahead!

Closing Remarks

That’s all we’ve got for you today, WABBLES folks! A shorter post than usual means things are looking a lot more boring in the weather-world, which for us is a good thing. Try to take some time this week to get out of the house and enjoy the outdoors; we haven’t had a lot of good chances to soak up that good Vitamin D without some crazy winds or serious storms in the way, so don’t let this opportunity slip by!

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Much Calmer and Warmer Monday Ahead
See you tomorrow, WABBLES! (GIPHY)