High Winds and Thunderstorms Likely Mar 3

Good Morning WABBLES community!! Keep those raincoats and umbrellas handy for a wet start to the weekend. Ensure to keep watch for updates as high winds and thunderstorms are forcasted for the area. be aware of the severe weather this friday before we move of into a nice and relaxing weekend with warm temps. WABBLES community be on the lookout with more to come.

sideways wind and rain (https://giphy.com)


Cloudy Skies with highs reaching the upper 60s in most areas. showers and thunderstorms for today with the posibility of a few severe storms that will have damaging winds. The WABBLES community fall under a enchanced risk for severe weather which includes increased chances of rainfall in the area. Winds between 20-35mph with possible gusts up to 50mph. nearly three quarters of an inch of rainfall possible for the area.

Model Surface Fronts (WPC)


The system pushes out of the WABBLES community and the Ohio Valley bringing cooler temperatures to the region. Winds falling to about 8-15mph as we see mostly cloudly skies for the remainder of the evening as we drop to lows in the upper 30s. Chances of precipation diminishing throughtout the evening keeping the WABBLES community relatively cool and calm to start of the weekend.

Model Surface Fronts (WPC)

Watches and Warnings

The WABBLES community is currently under a enchanced risk with a high wind warning throughtout the day. It’s possible that certain areas can and will fall under different warnings with the powerful system approaching the WABBLES community. Be on the lookout for weather updates as your friday progresses.

Weather Watch and Warning Map (Weather)

Weekend Forecast

Stormy start to our Friday ahead but good news as we look towards the weekend. Saturday partly sunny becoming sunny as the high reaches the upper 50s with light winds. Our Saturday night will be clear with lows in the upper 30s. Sunday will be sunny with a high in the mid 60s. Sunday night we will see some clouds return with low in the mid 40s. Rolling into Monday with mostly sunny skies with a high in the low 70s. Clouds rolling in with a slight chance of showers as temps settle in the low 50s for our monday night.

Nice Day to Fly a Kite (GIPHY)

Despite the chances of damaging winds and thunderstorms for our friday, our future bright with warm temperatures and clear skies ahead. Stay safe and dry as we tackle this friday weather together WABBLES community. Be on the lookout through our social media sites for any and all updates with the current weather conditions. Stay classy and enjoy your weekend WABBLES.