Active Weather Week Ahead

Good Tuesday Morning my friends across WABBLES! I hope everyone had a great weekend and an even better start of the week. We have quite the active weather week ahead, so let’s dive into it.

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I hope y’all like the rain (giphy)

Weather News

In weather news outside of the WABBLES region, several severe storms, including tornadoes, tore through Oklahoma and surrounding areas. So far there have been 14 tornado reports from that night along with almost 200 damaging wind reports.

SPC Preliminary Storm Reports

The majority of the severe weather reports, especially the damaging winds, was the result of what was likely a derecho. These are a rather rare severe wind event that can also spawn tornadoes, although tornadoes are not the primary hazard with them.

NWS Graphic about Derechos

The NWS and Storm Prediction Center Offices in Norman, Oklahoma, had a very close call with one of the tornadoes last night. The tornado passed close to a mile away from the offices while causing significant damage.

NWS Norman on Twitter

Aside from the close call at the NWS offices, significant damage occurred around the city. Currently, these tornadoes are still being surveyed and have not yet been rated. It will likely take another day or two at least before an official rating and additional information is given about these storms.

Damage pictures from Charles Peek on Twitter


Thankfully, today we will stay quite thanks to some high pressure centered over the Ohio Valley. This will keep us mostly clear and give us highs topping out in the low 60s. Although today is quiet, we still have an active weather week ahead of us.

Active Weather Week Ahead
WPC Frontal Chart Today


Wednesday will start out rather nice and clear except for some upper level clouds. We will also see highs break into the 80s most likely. This will be a welcome to a warm first day of March, but we still have an active weather week ahead of us.

Model Highs Wednesday (Pivotal Weather)

As we turn into the evening hours of Wednesday, we will see the return of rain and thunderstorm chances. Scattered and clusters of rain and storms will be present as we go into Thursday morning. These will be primarily located to our south, but should start to break into the WABBLES area. This will be the beginning to our active weather week ahead.

Model Future Radar Wednesday Night (Pivotal Weather)


The next day in our active weather week ahead, Thursday will feature more scattered clusters of rain and storms around WABBLES with the primary concern being that of heavy rain and flooding. It is still questionable how far north these storms will make it, but if they make it to WABBLES, 1-2″+ of rain will be very possible.

Model Future Radar Thursday (Pivotal Weather)