Feb. 27th; Windy, Messy Monday Morning

Happy Monday, folks of WABBLES! With another week comes another forecast, and yet another windy, rainy day. But have no fear; the Weather or Not Bowling Green crew is here to break it all down for you as we enter into a very busy period of weather ahead!

Windy, Messy Monday Morning
Yup. Another super windy day ahead. (GIPHY)

Today’s Forecast

Today’s main weather story revolves around both the showers we’re expecting this morning and the Wind Advisory that will carry us through the evening hours tonight. Temperatures will once again be unseasonably steamy as a warm-and-cold front combo pushes through the region, putting today’s expected highs around the low-to-mid-70s. However, we will dip down into the mid-40s come sundown, so don’t put away those long-sleeve jammies just yet.

Windy, Messy Monday Morning
Frontal system moving through! (WPC)

So it’s Windy… AGAIN?

Yep! As we go through the day today, most of us folks in the WABBLES area should expect to see some gusty winds depending on your exact location. Consistent wind speeds could vary anywhere from 18 to 30 miles per hour over the course of the morning, with some of us potentially seeing gusts of up to 45 miles per hour!

This is all due to the low pressure system moving through the Ohio Valley to our north, so at least now you know who to thank. Make sure you bring in the patio furniture and tie down any loose items outdoors before you leave the house this morning, lest they end up in someone else’s yard by this evening.

Look at those windy winds a-crankin’! (PivotalWeather)

Nevertheless, by Tuesday morning these windy conditions will have moved out of our area and onto their next big adventure. As a result, we’ll be dry and clear all the way through morning on Wednesday before our next system to watch putters through, bringing more rain to last us through the end of the week.

What’s Our Next System Looking Like?

Well, it’s still a bit early to tell, so we’ll generalize it a bit and make sure to fill you in on what we DO know. The data we have now indicates another low pressure system will push through the WABBLES area starting late on Wednesday and into Thursday morning, bringing showers and storms that will linger into Friday as the low moves out.

We’re still too far out to say for certain if this storm might bring more windy conditions or an amplified severe weather risk, but as we get more data over the next few days, the details will change! As long as you’re staying tuned to the Twitter page and the blog here, you’ll be well-informed by the time the rain starts moving in.

Here’s what the radar could look like Wednesday through Friday! (PivotalWeather)

At the moment, it seems that the Deep South will once again bear the brunt of most of the harsh storminess associated with this particular system, as the Storm Prediction Center already has outlooks out for Friday and Saturday ahead of the incoming weather. It’s definitely something to watch for sure, regardless of how messy things might get here locally for those of us in the WABBLES community.

Final Remarks

That’s all we have for you today, friends! Though it’s looking to be a little bit of a windy wacky Monday, we’re hoping that y’all can get out there and enjoy the warmer temperatures over the next few days. Keep your eyes peeled as we head into the end of the week, because we’ll be posting updates daily leading up to our next major system, both here on the site and on the Twitter page. In case you don’t already follow us there or on our other social media sites, they’re linked down below for your pleasure! Until tomorrow, take care WABBLES family, and stay safe!

See ya shortly! (GIPHY)