Cool Weekend for WABBLES with Rain Chances!

Good morning WABBLES community! I know we have experienced near record setting heat for the past two days. However, Winter refuses to let us experience spring as we temperatures in our region fall throughout the day and weekend. Make sure to keep a light jacket handy as clouds might rain on your early Saturday morning parade

Slow Down Cool Down (GIHPY)


Morning skies will be cloudy and breezy to start off the day. WABBLES community keep that light jacket close as we are expected to reach the Upper 40s, Low 50s throughtout the day. Significantly less than the much warmer temperatures we experienced during the Mid-week.

mild to cool temps throught Ohio Valley (Pivotal Weather)

The cold front from the previous day has pushed off to the east leaving the WABBLES region with milder temps for the day and throughtout most of our weekend. Winds at 3 to 8mph coming out of the Northeast will help keep the Ohio Valley region relatively dry while given the WABBLES region a cool breeze to start of the weekend as high pressure settles in over most of the Central plains and Ohio valley region.

Cold Front pushes through WABBLES Region as High Pressure sets in (WPC)


Mild Temperatures wil continue to cool off with a drop into the Low 40s. WABBLES community have your jackets when you head out for friday night as winds calm to 3 to 7mph as they continue to bring the drier air into the Ohio Valley region. Slight chance of showers developing after Midnight. Overall, a cool and calm Friday night for the WABBLES Community.

High Pressure from the North brings Cool Temps to Ohio Valley (Pivotal Weather)

Weekend Forecast

WABBLES community might need to bring out your umbrella as chances of rain increase from late Friday night into Saturday morning as the next rain maker heads it way towards the Ohio Valley region. A High of 56 and a Low of 43 is expected for Saturday. 30% chance of showers for Saturday as winds become calm then increase to 5mph after midnight. For Sunday, High in the Low of 60s and Low of Upper 50s. Cloudy with a 50% chance of rain showers with a tenth to a quarter inch of rain possible. Monday, High near 70 and Low mid 40s. Breezy with 80% chance of showers.

Potiential Precipation for Friday-Monday (WPC)

While the WABBLES reigon starts off the weekend with cooler temperatures, make sure to keep the jacket handy if you are spending your weekend outdoors. Keep your umbrellas and raincoats at the ready as we move further into the weekend with increased rain chances. Next week, we se temperatures warm back up during the final days of February as we March onwards towards Spring. Stay dry and Stay classy WABBLES community. have a wonderful weekend!!!

Relax. It’s the Weekend!! (GIHPY)